Flashmob Performances

  • Hilarious!
  • I love The Cassettes!!!
  • I love the balance of fun, hard work, and connectedness at each Cassettes class.  Your motivation to create colourful moving art (dance!) is an inspiration.
  • Brilliant and entertaining.
  • Marissa and The Cassettes are breaking new ground with their unique and creative genius.  The true measure of any experience is how much joy it brings, and The Cassettes bring so much to both audiences and dancers.
  • The Cassettes provide an incredible experience for dancers and audience members alike.
  • Thank you for adding to the glamour, fun and excitement of our event.  The Cassettes added a wonderful spectacle that was enjoyed by all.
  • My family and I saw The Cassettes perform in Byron on New Years Eve and we LOVED it! My sister-in-law said, ‘Those are your people’.

To request an 80’s Flashmob at your event, please contact The Cassettes’ Gig Manager.  Flashmobs are an incredible surprise for any party.  Being involved through an 80’s Workshop adds an additional level of amazing.

Offering much more than pure dance, The Cassettes’ 80’s Flashmob Performances and Workshops are feats of theatrical insanity.  Highly entertaining, engaging, accessible and feel-good.

As seen on:

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Troupe have gone Footloose on Channel 10’s Sunrise, worn beards while dancing Welcome to the Jungle alongside The Beards at Hotel Great Northern, danced in the Danger Zone at Woodford Folk Festival, Totally Eclipsed at Byron Theatre, encouraged fruit buyers to Let’s Get Physical at Byron Bay Market and Mullumbimby Farmer’s Market, had Sweet Dreams at Lismore Carboot Markets, danced Push It at Splendour in the Grass, Don’t Stop Believin’ at Mullumbimby Music Festival, welcomed audiences into Our House at Bello Winter Music Festival, felt that Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now at Falls Festival, Flashed at Bleach Festival, Lived on a Prayer for Byron Bay NYE Soul Street Celebration, danced Celebrate at Lismore City Hall, and flashmobbed many events throughout Byron Shire including Beach Hotel, The Rails, plus our own epic Flashmobs.

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Troupe are amazing, because:

  • The dancers are fit, experienced, focused and ready for action!
  • The choreography is awesome.
  • Our incredible dancers are ongoing, not casual.  Audiences love the mega-charged energy between the dancers. * Protective goggles recommended.
  • Diversity is hot.  The Cassettes are focused, trained and yet reckless dancers with a wonderful range of dance and movement backgrounds, including contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, yoga, martial arts, drama and musical theatre.
  • They are every shape and size, male and female, and range from 23 – 44 years.  Individually they are super-babes; together they are a force
  • Concentrated, high-energy dance-theatre performances to killer 80’s sound tracks: Does life get any better?

The mission of The Cassettes:

Our mission is to bring colour, beauty and genuine friggin’ fun into the world: through unique and entertaining dance-theatre.  Preferably while wearing fighter pilot outfits.

Creativity… involves the power to originate, to break away from the existing ways of looking at things, to move freely in the realm of the imagination, to create worlds fully in one’s mind – while supervising all this with a critical inner eye. –  Oliver Sacks

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