Dance Classes Byron, Bangalow and Burleigh Heads

Are you ready to start dancing?!

Advanced dancers and expert lounge room groovers shine their light with equal radiance at The Cassettes.

Booking out every term, The Cassettes dance genres include jazz, contemporary dance, modern and comedic interpretive dance with a yogic twist.  Seriously : )

Choose Mix Tapes or Flashmob Dance Company to find the right fit:

Cassettes Dance Timetable

1. Mix Tapes    Beginner – Intermediate Level

  • Weds 9.30am Byron Bay
  • Weds 6.00pm Bangalow
  • Thurs 6.00pm Burleigh

2. Flashmob Dance Company    Intermediate – Advanced Level

  • Mon 6.00pm Byron Bay: new dancers welcome!

    Note: Term 3 FDC we’re diving into contemporary and jazz dance sequences and epic creative joy (no public shows whilst covid is afoot).

Come join The Cassettes: We’ve run hundreds of top-shelf dance classes and flashmobs, and are having the time of our life.

All Cassette dance classes follow an 8 wk term, starting 1 wk after the public school term.  Because kids!

Best Adult Dance Classes Eva

The Cassettes provide impeccable and imaginative dance classes that feel like a hug given by a Care Bear whilst sipping fine whiskey on ice.  Cassette dance classes are in Burleigh Heads, Byron Bay and Bangalow.

We take immense, sparkly pride in sharing our welcoming, high-quality, friendly and unique classes: they are for beginner – advanced adults.  Adults who value fun, authenticity, creativity, beauty, respect for self and others, connection, groundedness, joy and…..dance!

Why dance at The Cassettes

Dancing at The Cassettes is glitterally the most fun you can have, as a grown-up.

Recognised for their trademark style blending high quality, athletic dance teaching, with creativity and connection, The Cassettes offer more than just a dance class: Our six Cassette teachers are professionally trained, and passionate about the art of teaching and creating a positive, often hilarious vibe for our dance students and wider community.

The Cassettes 80s Dance Classes and flashmobs have become an icon of Byron Bay; a glittery phenomenon of the Gold Coast; and a meeting place for like-minded amazing adults who love to dance, feel and be empowered.

Any questions, ring my bell: 0468 389 244 / [email protected]

Dance Classes in Byron, Burleigh Heads and Bangalow

The Cassettes’ club houses are located in Byron Bay, Bangalow and Burleigh Heads, at morning and evening time slots.  Super tricky handshakes are requisite entry procedure.  The Cassettes’ eighties dance classes buzz with purposeful activity and tingly good dance vibes.  High-quality teaching, friendly dancers, on point 80’s music and excellent choreography are part of the parcel at The Cassettes.

80s Dance Fun

What sounds like Simply Irresistible looks and feels like creativity, inspiration, stag leaps, fulfilment, fun, hilarity, team work, self-acceptance, sequins and maybe just a little bit of strutting.  Express what you’ve got, oh baby ready or not, express yourself!

Best dance classes eva, in Byron, Bangalow and Burleigh.

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company, hanging out at sunset, Byron Bay Lighthouse