Festival Performances & Workshops

High-quality, crazy-entertaining dance theatre

This is The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company and 80s Dance Workshops.  Oh the places we go!  Since 2012:


  • Four stages at Woodford Folk Festival, including Main Stage on NYE
  • Splendour in the Grass
  • Falls Arts and Music Festival
  • Bello Winter Music Festival
  • Mullum Music Festival
  • Bleach Festival
  • Earth Frequency Festival
  • Smaller arts festivals and events, eg Playground Festival


  • Channel 7’s Sunrise TV
  • ABC TV

Hometown Byron Bay:

The Cassettes’ Flash mob Dance Company have a unique performance style, combining comedy, joy and dance-theatre.  Filling the streets and festivals with magic, The Cassettes quirky and infectious positivity is powerful stuff: spectators routinely laugh, smile and sing along.

Our glittery limbs, rolling sound systems and kick-ass choreography have also graced Brunswick Picture House, The Rails Byron Bay, The Hotel Great Northern, Byron Bay Beach Hotel, Soul Street, Byron Theatre, La La Land and Byron’s Shire’s famous artisan markets.

Watch The Cassettes Flash Mob Dance videos

Binge watch examples of our Flashmob performances and Festival Workshops at: thecassettes.com.au/YouTube

Invite The Cassettes’ to perform at your festival or special event.

  1. Have a Flashmob Performance with roving
  2. Book a workshop with Marissa, Director of The Cassettes
  3. Or do both

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company are amazing, because:

  • We perform slick, funny and fun big group dance shows
  • Diversity is hot.  We celebrate a wide range of age, shapes, cultural backgrounds, gender and sexual orientation:
    Individually we are super-babes; together we are a force
  • 80s music is multi-faceted, from rock anthems to synth pop.  Our unique, complex and sometimes beautiful choreographies embrace this
  • We bring colour, quirk, good music, gorgeousness and positive party vibes to festivals
  • The Cassettes are focused, trained and yet reckless dancers with a wonderful range of dance-theatre backgrounds, including contemporary dance, musical theatre, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, yoga and martial arts.
  • Audiences love the mega-charged energy and genuine connection between the dancers

Concentrated, high-energy dance-theatre performances to killer 80s, 90s and contemporary sound tracks: Does life get any better?

Creativity… involves the power to originate, to break away from the existing ways of looking at things, to move freely in the realm of the imagination, to create worlds fully in one’s mind – while supervising all this with a critical inner eye. –  Oliver Sacks

  • The Cassettes have joined us at the Tipi Forest at Splendour in the Grass for a number of years, in varying guises: From 80s flashmobs to Grease Lightning musical theatre to 90s fluro rave mayhem.  They add choreographic brilliance to our dance floor with Tipi Forest friends and followers who flock to join in the fun.
  • Hilarious!
  • I love The Cassettes!!!
  • I love the balance of fun, hard work, and connectedness at each Cassettes class.  Your motivation to create colourful moving art (dance!) is an inspiration.
  • Brilliant and entertaining.
  • Marissa and The Cassettes are breaking new ground with their unique and creative genius.  The true measure of any experience is how much joy it brings, and The Cassettes bring so much to both audiences and dancers.
  • The Cassettes provide an incredible experience for dancers and audience members alike.
  • Thank you for adding to the glamour, fun and excitement of our event.  The Cassettes added a wonderful spectacle that was enjoyed by all.
  • My family and I saw The Cassettes perform in Byron on New Years Eve and we LOVED it! My sister-in-law said, ‘Those are your people’.

Cassettes appearances include: