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80’s flashmob dance

Byron, Bangalow & Burleigh Heads

All Cassette Classes for 2019 are FULLY BOOKED.

You’re welcome to come and observe a class and imbibe the vibe;
Or, if you know you’ll love it and want to secure your place,
Book in now for Term 1, 2020.


2020: your time to shine, radiant human.



Hi I’m Marissa! BA Contemporary Dance, Grad Dip Ed.

I’m the director of The Cassettes: Australia’s original Flashmob Dance Company and Mix Tape 80s & 90s Dance Classes.
The fun unfolds in Byron Bay, Bangalow & Burleigh Heads.

I also LOVE running festival dance workshops at Australia’s most beautiful festivals; sensory nourishing contemporary dance classes in Byron Shire; and am preparing to launch The Raddest Self Care Course Eva.

The Cassettes classes cater for beginner to advanced adult dancers who are sensitive, possess a (possibly hidden!) playful and creative spirit, and a grounded and mature outlook: you really can have it all!

With top notch teaching by Deb Chalmers, Danielle Linegar, Vicki Lawrence, Leisel Fitzgerald and Marissa, The Cassettes feature the best adult dance students eva.  We celebrate diversity.

Dance styles
Cassette Dance Classes and Workshops include Modern Dance, Contemporary, Jazz and Ballet dance styles, dance-theatre and games, dynamic flying dance, and beautiful self-realising Cassette activities.

Flash Mob
The Cassettes distinctively kooky, high-quality brand of comedy dance-theatre is renowned:  The Flashmob Dance Company have consistently performed our funny and unique style at major music and arts festivals along the East Coast of Australia, plus locally in Byron Bay and its sparkly surrounds for six years.  Such fun.

What we’re about
Known for its authenticity, humour, inclusiveness, professionalism and integrity, The Cassettes is proudly Directed by Marissa Treichel (ahem, me).

I’m honoured to help people feel more free, joyful and embodied; and to connect groups of people in the shared spirit of Creativity.

  • For me, no other dance classes are as magical.

  • This sparks joy in every way.

  • I’m reeaallllly enjoying dance classes at The Cassettes.  The girls are great, you have a happy persona and teaching style, and overall it’s just such great fun!

  • Next Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

  • Marissa’s personable nature and her moves, the authenticity, all over just so much fun!

  • A great way to pump up the dance floor, is to have The Cassettes on it.

  • I am having so much fun dancing with you and the Mix Tape Crew again this term.  You and your team have really created something special for the dance queen/ king in us all.

  • That class was an absolute joy!  Thank you for the work you put into making it so special.

  • I really love the vibe of positivity and community you’ve created at The Cassettes.  I love coming every week and even if I haven’t had the best day, by the time I get to class I feel so much better, and then after class, on top of the world!  It’s an awesome sweaty workout too, but the best part for me is the people, the music and the funky, entertaining dance moves!  Such a fun way to have some ‘me time’ and get some exercise!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Nov 15, 2018

    What’s in a name?

    When dreaming up The Cassettes, I wanted to find a symbol that represented: The flash of creativity that occurs when an exciting idea strikes, and  A rad flashmob dance group The zig zag flash of a lightning bolt was a happy way to marry these two meanings into one recognisable shape. Flashmob Dance Company name…

  • Sep 27, 2018

    Body rolls and brain waves

    We know from personal experience that dancing is: deeply fun physically beneficial on a bunch of levels socially fulfilling and has a lovely habit of blowing away storm clouds that obscure our inner light. Art also promotes neuroplasticity As told in this delightful RN Big Ideas podcast, being creative increases our smarts and is proven to help prevent us from losing our mind: always…

  • Sep 26, 2018

    It’s Raining Cassettes

    In its passivity and resignation, cynicism is a hardening, a calcification of the soul.  Hope is a stretching of its ligaments, a limber reach for something greater.  – Maria Popova We make a literal “limber reach for something greater” in every single class at The Cassettes’ Mix Tapes. When I deliberately pull my face and…

  • Sep 26, 2018

    Hands up if you love the arts?

    The Cassettes’ Burleigh Mix Tape Crew perform their first flashmob eva, at the Gold Coast’s incredible SWELL Sculpture Festival! Umbrellas twirl and trench coats unveil in this exuberant Priscilla Queen of the Desert mash-up, choreographed by Deb Chalmers. But first, we shall debut Priscilla in our quarterly Mix Tape show @ Burleigh Masonic Hall: 7pm sharp, short and shiny! Join our Burleigh…

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