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The Cassettes’ FlashMob Dance Company =

Fluorescent comedy dance-theatre with giant balls of sparkly integrity.

Created in 2013 in Byron Bay by Marissa Treichel, FlashMob Dance Company is the top shelf performance group of The Cassettes.

She is still pinching herself.  Ouch…ouch…

Maybe you’ve seen them?

Going strong for 7 years, they’ve appeared:

Channel 7’s Sunrise TV; ABC TV; Woodford Folk Festival; Splendour in the Grass; Earth Frequency; Brunswick Picture House Cheeky Cabaret; Falls Arts and Music Festival; Bello Winter Music Festival; Mullum Music Festival; Bleach Festival; Byron Soul Street; Byron Theatre; The Rails Hotel; Hotel Great Northern; Bay FM Discotheques; Byron Bay Brewery stages; Private Parties, Byron Weddings and even flash mobbing Byron Bay lighthouse, Mullumbimby and Byron Farmer’s Markets.

Radding out on FB and insta.

The Cassettes’ Flash Mob Dance Company love bringing laughter and delight to our audiences, through hilarious roving, far out flashmobs, sparkly stage performances and of course 80s Dance Workshops.

FlashMob Dance Krew

Featuring 12 amazing and diverse dance-theatre artists, FDC shows have a unique and distinctive style:

Our humour is tongue-in-cheek, ridiculous, cheeky, sincere and joyful all at once.

Audiences laugh, smile and sing along, are bedazzled by eye-opening costumes.  They love seeing confident, glittery, skilled women rock the house:

All to the rapture of 80s and 90s music.

As a recent audience member said, “What’s not to love?”
And another, “Wet yourself funny”.

There’s also a tangible Cassette connection:

Each FDC dancer connects with themselves; with each other in a spirit of mutual respect and awe; and of course with the amazeballs audience.

Contemporary (Comedy) Dance Theatre

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company pride ourselves on constantly evolving.

We use the gifts of creativity, research and Guest Choreographers to explore and present new ideas.  Coz, like, that’s art.

Cassettes’ FDC choreography and dance technique is based on principles of contemporary dance, modern dance, jazz, ballet, improvisation and physical theatre.  That shit takes time to get right.

This is combined with an insane amount of fun, and (squee!) a genuine investment in building team rapport.

The result is a unique rainbow explosion of empowered and frolicky fun.

What’s Values got to do, got to do with it?

Not to completely nerd out on you, but The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company are based on values… really sexy things like transparency (oh yeah baby) honesty (keep it going), healthy boundaries (mmm, right there) and good communication (Just yes).

Values are truly the secret ingredient to the ongoing success of the magical joyride that is The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company.

That, and toilet brushes (see prop below):

Are you an Int – Adv dancer and good human who loves to connect, express, perform?

Find your tribe: Join the Flashmob Dance Company here.

All dancers do at least 1 term of Beg – Int Mix Tapes first, before starting at FDC.  As there are processes dude!

Also, Mix Tapes Dance Classes rock.

Want us to perform at your special event?

Please, do ring my bell. 

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company require at least 1 month notice for performances.

We can custom choreograph Cassette shows and costumes, to suit your specific theme: again notice allowing.

Workshops require at least 2 weeks notice, and are amazeballs.

  1. Book 1 or multiple Flashmob Performances with roving
  2. Book an 80s Dance Workshop with Marissa
  3. OMG do both!

Watch The Cassettes Flash Mob Dance videos

Binge watch examples of our Flashmob performances and Festival Workshops at: thecassettes.com.au/YouTube

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company getting their 90s rave on at Splendour 2018.

The original Flashmob Dance Company:

  • Perform slick, funny and fun big group dance shows
  • Consider originality to be next to godliness.
  • Know that diversity is hot.  We celebrate a wide range of age, shapes, cultural backgrounds, gender and sexual orientation:
    Individually we are super-babes; together we are a force
  • From rock anthems to neon bubblegum pop,  new wave to glam rock, We heart the 80s and 90s.  And occasionally even 70s!
  • We bring colour, quirk, good music, gorgeousness and positive party vibes to festivals
  • The Cassettes’ Flash mob Dance Company are focused, trained and yet reckless dancers with a range of dance backgrounds including contemporary dance, musical theatre, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern dance, yoga and even martial arts.  Hiiii-yah!
  • Audiences love the mega-charged energy and genuine connection between the dancers

Concentrated, high-energy dance-theatre to killer 80s and 90s sound tracks:

Does life get any better?

Creativity… involves the power to originate, to break away from the existing ways of looking at 
things, to move freely in the realm of the imagination, to create worlds fully in one’s mind – while supervising all this with a critical inner eye.
–  Oliver Sacks

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