Dance Byron Bay: Join the Flashmob Dance Company

Are you an experienced dancer? Do you also love to perform?



Flashmobbing at festivals, being creative and empowered, feeling joyful and fit, making new friends, feeling healthy, having fun…its a hard life, but somebody’s got to do it.  Did we mention flashmobs?

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company class is super fantastic, and this is the process to join:

Apply to join The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company:

  • Read the Flashmob Dance Company class booking page, to check class dates, time, cost, location etc.
  • If you are an advanced dancer and performer, submit the form below.
  • If you are an Intermediate level dancer and performer, complete one term of our Beginner – Intermediate Level Mix Tape 80s Dance Classes in Byron or Bangalow, OR complete a block of our Intermediate Contemporary Dance Classes in Byron Bay, before submitting the form below.
  • Note: Flashmob Dancers term booking includes Mix Tape classes.  Coz taking more than one top notch dance class a week, is what rad dancers do.

Jumping through these glittery hoops ensures the Flashmob Dance Company features dancers who are:
Proven to be punctual, have 100% attendance, are respectful (understand class etiquette) and friendly.

These qualities are equally as important, as having confident and fierce performers, able to work at a high dance level.  Hooray!


What if I’m a Beginner Dancer?

If you are new to choreographed dance and performing, or are an experienced dancer who just wants to attend an amazing dance class and not perform publicly for now, book into The Cassettes’ Mix Tapes, or Contemporary.  As dancer Juz Grantham said:

“The dance activities, physical expression, self discovery and connection of Cassette classes are next level amazingness.  So much more than just a dance class”.

Meaning, The Cassettes’ Beginner – Intermediate Mix Tape 80s Dance Classes have many of the perks of the Flashmob Dance Company, but without the higher commitment and expectation level.

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