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  • Feeling blue? Research shows dance will help

    May all the diverse threads of your life come into wholesome ease. – John O’Donohue Ooh, science I know intuitively that dance helps me, but research also shows that dancing is not only good for us, but may be essential for our wellbeing.  We’ve been shaking our collective booty in various ways for 1.5 million years, so it makes sense that we might yearn…

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  • An Australian Christmas Blessing

    For all the women of the world who need a break: May the light be dappled where you walk. May the creek water be clear and cool on your summer-hot skin.  Having had a small break from love-making, may you enjoy a slow, deep and releasing connection that wakes up alllllllll the neighbours. This Christmas, may your mangoes be…

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  • Talking 80s Dance on Bay FM

    What it’s like running a creative business in Byron Shire As embarrassing as it is to hear your own voice played back, here’s an interview I did with Phil on Byron Business, People & Lifestyle. It’s one of many fantabulous shows on Byron Shire’s very own radio station: Bay FM 99.9. You can read the interview…

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  • Flashback to the Bentley Blockade – a fracking good news story.

    We live in a time of being constantly bombarded with bad news stories. The news has always been primarily negative – “if it bleeds it leads” is an old journalist motto – but we haven’t always carried it around it our bloody pockets. When I spontaneously pick up my phone to feel connected to the…

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  • Feeling Lucky

    Kim Goodrick is a mum of two. She’s been a Cassette since 2016, first dancing to synth-pop track Whip It in our Byron Mix Tapes 80s Dance class.  Warm, cheerful and shy, we’re lucky to still have her dancing with us. Kim recently shared a post on facebook about luck, privilege, and success.  She was…

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  • What does a giant gold clitoris and Led Zeppelin have in common?

    I’m so glad you asked. . That’s one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people, and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons. – Dave Grohl . Dance at The Cassettes in 2020: Book in now to receive your place. Prayers and Practicalities Mullum Music Festival 2019…

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