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  • Dance at The Cassettes!

    Kudos to our fantabulous Mix Tapes, The Cassettes’ beginner – intermediate 80s Dance Crews. Another 8-week term is done and dusted, although I’m still finding pieces of glitter stuck to my head. There’s 1 week left to catch the Early Bird for Term 3.  But first, let’s revel in and enjoy what just happened during Term…

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  • Greased Lightning!

    Grease was one of many excellent films I watched at an inappropriately early age.  Like Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters and Mannequin, the songs from Grease are happily embedded in my cellular memory.  So when The Cassettes and I heard the Bruns Picture House were showing the film on June 24, we got excited! Released in 1978 and set…

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  • Creatives of Byron Shire

    Marissa chats with dancer, yogi, artist, film maker and Hot Stuff dance teacher, Vivianne Frehner.  From Switzerland and now based in Byron Shire, Vivi covers important topics such as having a sore ass, why 80s music + dancing are a match made in heaven, and how to expand your aura. Vivi’s Hot Stuff Dance Class is on Thursdays 6pm…

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  • Death of a grunge god

    Soundgarden were my chosen teen-angst / best-band-to-bake-to of the 90s.  Superunknown did not leave the kitchen tape deck often.  I’d listen to Chris Cornell’s screeching banshee voice while stirring chocolate cakes, as if it were a sexy, sacred hymn. Birthed in Seattle in the mid 80s, Soundgarden were a pioneer of the grunge and alternative rock movement.  This flowed…

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  • Boldness, Power and Magic

    Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  Begin it now. – Goethe The Cassettes began with one hilarious and exciting / terrifying idea: To flashmob Push It at a party on a sweeping hill overlooking Byron, under a giant fig tree.  Three friends joined me in this mission.  The…

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  • 80s Computer Games

    Back when the path was clear, and options limited.  We all deserve a pat on the back, for navigating modern “computer games”.    The Internet was just being born, along with everything good, in the 80s.  Computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee and a whole posse of nerds whacked together the World Wide Web while listening to “Nothing’s Gonna…

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