Dance at The Cassettes!


Kudos to our fantabulous Mix Tapes, The Cassettes’ beginner – intermediate 80s Dance Crews. Another 8-week term is done and dusted, although I’m still finding pieces of glitter stuck to my head.

There’s 1 week left to catch the Early Bird for Term 3.  But first, let’s revel in and enjoy what just happened during Term 2:

Byron, Bangalow and Burleigh Dance Classes:

  1. Gave ourselves sparkly time away from family, work, and The Phone
  2. Learned and performed a choreographed group routine: Danger Zone!
  3. Danced a stack of hilarious + cardio warm-up routines
  4. Leaped from the corner like gazelles
  5. Smiled, sweated and stretched our bodies
  6. Pulled together some rad costumes
  7. Met or connected more with a diverse and fab group of dance friends
  8. Embodied many Power Moves, as demonstrated by Wonder Woman (“the hotter the intensity!”)

3 renditions of Danger Zone, hot off the press:


The focus for next term at Mix Tapes, is simply to create the conditions for the dancers and myself, to feel: Lighthearted and liberated; Fit and healthy; Sparkly and alive…all through the magic of 80s Dance.  1 week left to catch the Early Bird for Term 3: see you then!