So You Think You Can Do The Running Man


Guest Teacher Announced

So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Travers Ross will be leading the Flashmob Troupe for Term 3.  I am so curious to see how the dancers handle Travers’ Street and Commercial Dance styles; and I reckon they’re up for the challenge.  Travers is a very friendly and versatile dance-theatre artist who promises to bring out The Cassettes kooky dance flavour in a whole new way.  Ooh, while we’re here let’s check out his SYTYCD work.  I rather enjoyed the sassy ending of this one.  Here’s Travers other, more earthy style of dance.

Join the Joy Factory

Advanced dancers and highly excitable performers, are invited to apply to join Flashmob Troupe.  If you did ballet, jazz, tap, modern or contemporary dance for years as a child or teen, loved the hell out of it and just need to dance again, seriously get on it!

Oh, Bite the Weeny Rizzo

With relish.  Katy Woods did a fantastic job leading The Cassettes’ Troupe for Term 1 and 2, creating Hit Me With Your Best Shot with I Wanna Dance With Somebody (pictured above).  She then created Grease, served with freshly mashed music.  Aren’t the dancers fantastic in this?

If you missed the The Cassettes’ (incredible) performance of Grease at Brunswick Picture House, you can catch them at Flicks in the Field, at Splendour in the Grass, or watch now from the comfort of your own snuggly couch.  Not that Splendour won’t have snuggly couches, right?

The crazy shot of The Cassettes at the top, shooting arrows into stars to Push It happened at our first Splendour in the Grass.  Creature comforts or not, it’s good to be back.