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  • Dance in 2017!

    It’s an exciting time at The Cassettes’ 80s Dance Classes.  I’m so happy to have you join us, or to stay for another sparkling year.  I’m very passionate about providing high-quality, original and celebratory dance experiences, for practical dreamers like you. Feet on the ground and arms in the sky.  It’s the only way to…

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  • The A-Team

    Amazing Dance Teaching Team! Since 1980, The Cassettes has prided itself on combining high-quality dance teaching, with novelty floatation devices.  Wait, I mean with a sense of the ridiculous.  Our new Flashmob Troupe Leader, fresh from professional dance training in Melbourne, New York and Indonesia, promises to continue the tradition. Please welcome Katy Woods to The Cassettes’…

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  • How to be Fabulous

    One (fabulous) Cassette dancer reveals all Kat Mathieson has rocked both The Cassettes’ Flashmob Troupe and Mix Tape 80’s Dance Classes.  So far she’s danced Total Eclipse of the Heart, Shake Your Thang, Sweet Dreams, Flash and Danger Zone!  Kat is one of those people who are effortlessly and contagiously fabulous with a capital F for Freaking-cool.  She…

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  • Togetherness plus 80s dance

    I love teaching 80’s Dance Workshops Sharing Belinda Carlisle’s impassioned Summer Rain and Dead or Alive’s creepy disco delight, You Spin Me Right Round at Bello Winter Music Festival, was no exception. Festival Fun Bello Music Fest is run by Glenn Wright and the excellent crew who also do Mullum Music Fest.  Bello is the cooler (as in…

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  • Dance Classes in Byron Bay

    Yesterday the Byron Mix Tape Crew performed Salt n Pepa’s 1988 Shake Your Thang.  This may sound a LITTLE over the top, but it was like giving birth.  And we all want our births to take place to an 80’s soundtrack, right? I remember thinking in the prelude to my daughter Pearl’s birth, “If this goes well,…

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  • Glittery Unicorns

    I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to convince my family-of-origin, aka mum, dad, sister Pia and brother Dan, that I am NOT A HIPPY. And this is true. I like strong coffee, not herbal tea. I like wine, not kombucha. Monogamy, I’m all over it. But glittery unicorns. Are they hippy? Because I…

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