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  • If You Wanna Have a Good Time

    Express yourself. Shake your thang. Don’t stop me now. Louise L Hay affirmations?  Could be.  Also, the names of the songs The Cassettes are performing for Term 2! The Dance The Burleigh Mix Tapes are dancing to Queen’s irrepressibly joyful, Don’t Stop Me Now; Byron Mix Tapes are battle-rocking to Salt n Pepa’s Shake Your Thang; and the Flashmob…

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  • What’s leggings got to do, got to do with it?

    Fabric Tunnels of love. Footless tights. Pin protectors. Adventure pants. Second skins. Cheerful muscle armor. Leggings. Whatever you choose to call them, tights are a big part of a dancers day, and even their LIFE. They cover half our body, half the time!  Why do we choose to slide our toes through so many pairs…

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  • I Feel the need – the need for a creed!

    I used to have a Personal Mission Statement.  As much as I love the word Mission, in a hardcore fighter pilot kind of way, turns out in reality I am a little bit softer.  On a scale of 1 to 10, Top Gun being the most hardcore and Dirty Dancing being the least, I’m probably a 4….

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  • New Look Website

    Yes!  We have revamped The Cassettes website with more colour, radness and simplicity.  Hopefully this means it is easier for you to find your way around. If the website is misbehaving in anyway, or you need technical assistance, who you gonna call?   [email protected]  

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