Caution: Jazz Hands


There’s nothing quite so effective in a Broadway show, or an 80’s flashmob, as a dozen pairs of well-splayed jazz hands.  Stretch that finger-webbing!

And did you know, they can also be a handy (he he) way to literally hold your priorities with you everywhere you go.

This week in class, the Cassette dancers did a simple activity, of dot pointing the five key areas and priorities of their life, using their fingers and thumb to tally them. Here are mine:

1. Thumb: taking care of myself
2. Index finger: My partner Jake and children, Pearl and Louie
3. Tall man or rude finger: My friends and family
4. Ring finger: My creativity, dance writing and art. Connecting this with my students and teachers
5. Pinky: My home, garden, neighbourhood and community

I added a sneaky extra category, of divinity, which runs silently through and around everything. I am not the six-fingered man who killed Amigo Montoya’s father, so this extra category runs up and out through my hand and fingers, like fine and limitless spirit-veins, branching delicately.


Your Turn:

What are your top five priorities?  The enduring five things that are most important in your life, which will probably be much the same in a year’s time.  As in the example above, you really can include everything on just one jazz hand.  Just group related areas into each finger.

You may like to draw an outline of your hand and write the general categories inside each finger and thumb, before trying them on like a pink mesh glove.

Many jazz-hands making light work.  Post flashmob of Sweet Dreams at Byron Bay.