Boldness, Power and Magic


Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  Begin it now.
– Goethe

The Cassettes began with one hilarious and exciting / terrifying idea:

To flashmob Push It at a party on a sweeping hill overlooking Byron, under a giant fig tree.  Three friends joined me in this mission.  The ever-inventive and resourceful Cedar of Flow Hive rigged up emergency lighting for us during the performance, and Push It ended up bringing the whole party together in a joyful and reckless celebration of everything awesome.  Like dancing.  And the 80s.

Just after flashmobbing for the first time back in 2012

Something happened to me as I choreographed, taught and shared Push It.  The spirit of 80s dance was stirring within my loins, seeping into my splayed jazz hands and stretching into my undulating, body-rolling spine!  It hasn’t stopped.  

I went from feeling as frustrated and weirded out as Geena Davis (or maybe the shrunken head) in the Netherworld Waiting Room of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice; to rocking my inner Wonder Woman.  On the outside. 

Power moves will work for you too: just ask Wonder Woman, TED and the ever-empowered, all-inclusive Cassettes dancers.  And by inclusive, yes that does mean men too, and all humans of the 16+ variety.   

Push It also opened up other weird and daring ideas: I applied to perform at Mullum Music Festival with my “80s Flashmob Troupe” (at this stage there was no actual Troupe…just me and 2 enthusiastic friends!) under the name of Melted Cheese.  The festival organisers said, “Yes!  80s flashmob you are in!  But the name sucks.  Find a better name.”  A fun late-night brain-storming session with my partner Jake ensued, and The Cassettes was born!  

Fast forward to 2017, hundreds of Cassette dance classes and Flashmob performances later!!  What a specific and fun journey!

From it’s juicy and organic beginnings, The Cassettes now have seven rad (Really Amazing Dance) classes running each week, and almost a hundred adult dance students, led by a team of seven diverse, inspired and professionally trained teachers.

The Flashmob Troupe continue to combine comedy and 80s dance-theatrics, but now at a super tight, jazztastic level.  Wait…now that I’m not in it!  Jeez, dreams can unfold in unpredictable ways.  Still, I’m loving teaching the Byron and Bangalow Mix Tapes, running zesty 80s dance workshops, including 80s Hens Workshops, and Directing our top-notch Cassette teaching team.   

Term 2 dance starts May 1st: Which class/classes will you do?

1. Mix Tapes Beginner – Intermediate Level
Tues 9.30am Burleigh / Weds 9.30am Byron / Weds 6pm Bangalow / Thurs 5.45pm Burleigh

2. Hip Hop Intermediate Level
Tues 9.30am Byron 

3. Flashmob Dance Company Intermediate – Advanced Level
Mon 6pm Byron

Mix Tapes have their Term 1 in-house shows next week!  Sweet Dreams and BAD.  It’s gonna be awesome.  Come and enjoy watching these short, fun and totally hot performances.  Dancers, we are so proud of you!

Video inspo from our three class types:

Mix Tapes:

Hot Stuff:

Flashmob Troupe:

Trained dancers and performers, go for it:
Apply to join the Flashmob Troupe.

Festivals and Special Events:
Enquire about booking the Flashmob Troupe

If you’re thinking of beginning dance with The Cassettes for the first time, or adding an extra class  / another Creative Adventure to your weekly fun-friendship-fitness-funnies list, begin it now.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it, after all.   

In love and lycra,