80s Computer Games


Back when the path was clear, and options limited.  We all deserve a pat on the back, for navigating modern “computer games”.   

The Internet was just being born, along with everything good, in the 80s.  Computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee and a whole posse of nerds whacked together the World Wide Web while listening to “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” on repeat, and in the early to mid 90s, geezers like Marky Mark, you and myself started using it.  Now in 2017, 3.5 billion people are busy learning how to do the running man on you tube.  

The internet is even bigger, than Bon Jovi’s hair.  It’s a massive tangled mess of interconnectivity, complete with a teased fringe dangling in ones sight line: the social butterfly net of vimeo, email, blog, Facebook, Instagram etc.  

And yet we are each just one beautiful butterfly.

In such bigness, you have to decide what to like, and what not to like.  You can’t flutter along every single voluminous hair-sprayed strand.  There are just too many; and most of them have split ends.

You have to know what you like, and then LIKE what you like.  

The Cassettes “computer games” aim to infuse the world and ourselves with humour, inspiration, tight buns and sparkling eyes.  80s Dance is the perfect vehicle to channel these values.  Tight Buns are a value, right?

But what would be the point be if we didn’t close our computers with a satisfying click, chuck our iphones on the bed, and dash to dance class with our bright wings a-flutter?  Actually performing and dancing together in real life, is what it is all about.  You’re welcome to come along!