Expectations: Flashmob Dance Company dancers

Cassette Dancers are expected to:

  1. Attend all classes and all agreed upon performances, punctually.
  2. Complete booking at least ten days prior to first class of term.
  3. Be a respectful and focused team member and dancer.
  4. Be well-rehearsed and dance-fit: attend weekly technique class
  5. Represent.

Break it down:

1. Good Attendance and Punctuality:

Starting and finishing all 8 classes of term together as a team is an essential part of creating quality performances, and building group rapport.  Be prepared to arrive on time (by 5.55pm at outside), and to complete the full duration of your weekly Cassettes Performance Class.  Dancers with an injury / illness may watch class.
Flashmob Troupe dancers are invited to perform within community and larger events: please let the Gig Manager know seven days before the performance, if you’re unable to attend, so formations etc can be altered.

Book In:

Term payment must be complete on or before ten days prior to the first class of each term, in order to dance within that term.  Term fees are non-refundable, and are not transferable term to term, unless under special circumstances.

3. Respectful and focused dancer:

Cassette Performance Classes are largely chat-free.  Instead, we use our weekly Performance Classes, to create great dance works that we feel super proud of.  Chatting opportunities happen during carpooling to classes and performances, before and after class, and social catch ups.  The Cassettes private Facebook group is also a great place to share fun ideas that are relevant to the whole group.

We show support when observing smaller group work within class, by being attentive audience members.

The Cassettes Performance Classes are a safe space for dancers to focus, explore and develop their creativity, sensuality, kinaesthetic and spatial awareness: to be dancers.  Therefore, dancers are expected to maintain appropriate boundaries, and be completely respectful, at all times.

4. Well-rehearsed and dance-fit:

Ensure you are confident with all choreography, by being well rehearsed, using the vimeo rehearsal videos.  Each dancer helps to contribute to an excellent show.  Those newer to Contemporary Dance and Jazz Technique, are expected to put in additional time at home to rehearse.

All Flashmob Troupe dancers take a weekly Technique Class, such as Hot Stuff Dance Technique, which was created for this purpose.  Having and maintaining dance technique, helps prevent injury, and makes our performances look fully sick.

5.  Represent

Each dancer contributes to the overall look and feel of The Cassettes.  Each dancer is representin’ the whole group, both on and off-stage.

Costume and make-up are only worn when performing.  Dancers are to remove all costume items and make-up immediately after a dance show.  This protects the mystery of the everyday person -> superhero transformation.
Dancers are to stay connected to The Cassettes before, during and after a performance, until the allocated finishing time.  This connection and focus is especially important when roving.  Interactions with the public, including family and friends, are in character.  Enjoy being a dedicated dancer and performer, both within class and at events.  We always give 100%.