Flashmob Troupe: FAQs

Bits and bobs:

Normal costs associated with performing are to be expected.  Dancers are encouraged to be thrifty and creative with costuming: Op-shopping, making and re-puposing existing costumes and home outfits. Carpooling, and bringing prepared food and drinks to gigs are great money savers.  Often the most effective costumes, are the most creative, rather than ready-made.

Are Cassette Dancers paid to perform?

Dancers do not receive payment for performances: Performance fees paid by venues and events, covers the administration time involved in arranging the performance, which is significant.

Where do the dancers perform?

The Cassettes perform and rove at music and arts festivals, such as Falls Festival, Mullumbimby Music Festival and Splendour in the Grass.  Private and Christmas Parties, Corporate Functions, Weddings and proposals.  At our own spectacular Flashmobs, held within 1 hour of Byron Shire, approximately once a semester.

When do Dancers Arrive Before Gigs?

Dancers arrive at each performance location, in full costume and make-up, no later than 30 minutes before performing time.  A short group warm-up and warm-down occurs immediately before and after performing, however dancers are responsible for their own bodies’ stretching needs.  Allow additional time for individual warm-up/down accordingly.  If make-up and costume cannot be worn to the venue, dancers allow additional time for this.

What is Roving?

Roving is part of almost every Cassette performance.  It involves moving as a connected, kooky and incredibly stylish dance army from point A to point B.  audience engagement on the way.

Can children come to class or performances?

Children are not to attend 80’s Flashmob Dance performances, unless another familiar adult is there to supervise at all times.  Dancers are asked to arrange reliable childcare in advance.  This enables all dancers to enjoy adult me-time, and maintain focus.
On occasion if dancers do need to bring their child, please ensure they do not disrupt the class.  Children are able to watch Hot Stuff and Mix Tapes, if parents ensure their child are occupied during class.

What are the costume and make-up requirements?

Each routine has a different costume.  Costumes often follow a colour scheme, such as red, or a theme, such as aerobics.
Dancers make or buy costume items, using new or second hand materials.  Once you start looking, amazing costume items appear everywhere.
Dancers wear Converse All-Star High Tops (or cheaper versions, such as Payless Shoes) in all performances.
For hygiene reasons dancers use own mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.  Other make-up is provided if required.

What else is involved in being a dancer?

Dancers are often invited to share skills to help bring performances to life.  Before a show, a dancer may assist with make-up or in leading a short warm-up.
Dancers are notified in advance for these optional roles.

Who Arranges the Gigs?

All gigs are arranged by the Gig Manager in collaboration with the Director.  Dancers are often approached by venues who are seeking 80’s Flashmob Dance for their event, communication is then forwarded to the Artistic Directoror our nominated gigs manager.