The Cassette Code

What is expected of Flashmob Dance Company dancers:

    • To understand and respect The Cassettes’ FDC Artistic and Professional Boundaries.
    • Punctuality:
      – Dancers arrive 10min early to stretch, chat and settle in, before warm-up starts at 6.00pm, and complete class together at 8.00pm.
      – Punctuality at gigs, arriving at or before the designated time, with all props and costumes required
    • Focus:
      – Dancers quickly and fully enter and bring their best to all class material, and of course performances
      – No chatter unless the task invites discussion.  It is focus that creates high-quality.  Big chatter before / after class.
      – Children are not able to observe FDC classes, and must be supervised by another adult before, during and after performances. 
    • Commitment:
      – Attendance at all Monday classes within the 8 week term, enabling formations and choreography to flow easily
      – Attendance, high-level performance, and fabulous vibes (ie respectful, shiny and helpful) at the gigs dancers have chosen to commit to, with Gig Manager.
      – A reminder to only say “Yes” to gigs, if you know you’ll be there (rejigging formations takes a lot of time).

    • The infamous Cassette culture:
      – Responsible, respectful, engaged, friendly, creative and helpful dancers, who are also super skilled
      – Teamwork and the glittery glow of human warmth: between dancers; between dancers and teacher; between dancers and audience; between dancers and event staff.  Kind / helpful actions build glow.
      – Dancers share leading their own bonding and embodying warm-up / cool-down of their choice, for our gigs.  This is a beautiful chance for fellow dancers to experience your unique leadership and creativity.
    • Proactivity:
      – Dancers rehearse outside class time, especially the performance material, using the videos
      – Practice the art of “performing” in the studio, eg not talking during a song’s intro.
      – Ask (sensible) questions: use observation / read emails to deduce the answer first when possible. 
      – Dancers collate and are responsible for their own costumes and make-up, based on the teacher’s directions.
    • Dance-fitness:
      – Dancers are expected to be at an Intermediate – Advanced dance technique level
      – Dancers maintain and build technique through attending additional classes.  Mix Tapes is included within Flashmob Dance Company booking, but attendance is optional for Advanced dancers.
      – Excellent spatial and proprioceptive awareness
  • Flair:
    – Confident, experienced,  sassy and unique performers, who aim to connect with and uplift the audience and self
    – Broad skill-set including voice, acting, physical theatre etc, and equally an eagerness to continue experimenting as dancers and performers
    – Astonishing likeness to a glory of unicorns

What the Flashmob Dance Company dancers can expect of their Dance Leader:

    • Best dance class eva:
      To engage in highly physical, imaginative and well organised 2 hour dance classes, including:

      – Int-Adv level contemporary / modern dance choreography
      – Original, tight and funny performance choreography
      – Team building, personal development or creative activities
      – High-level, technique building warm-ups (led by Assistant Teacher)
    • Wondrous dance piece:
      To be woven into The Cassettes’ current incredible dance-theatre piece of 6 – 10minutes.  This features a range of formations, to an edited, spine tingling soundtrack.  
    • Costume concept:
      To devise and communicate a costume plan, to further express the theme, mood and ideas of the performance piece
    • Showtime:
      The opportunity to perform at a range of events, organised by Gig Manager and co-facilitated by FDC teacher on the day.  There may be very occasional events that don’t feature all dancers (eg a tiny stage).
    • Clear Communication:
      To be led with decisiveness, warmth and enthusiasm.  To receive regular yet brief feedback on their dancing and performing: verbally within class and via email.  
      Emails include video demonstrations by the teacher of performance choreography, and may also include class choreography.
  • The Happy Poops:
    To leave each class feeling physically challenged, emotionally stimulated, and overall pumped for next week.