Contemporary Dance Byron Bay


Dance definition

contemporary (adjective)
existing or happening now

dance (verb)
move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps


By definition, Contemporary Dance doesn’t have set, universal “moves”.  This is why there is so much wonderful variety within the genre.  Contemporary Eric has noticed, however, that perhaps there are a few:

Confession: I have contemporary dance sequences to both Adele and Ani DeFranco!  Just when you think you’re working outside the mould.


Melting pot of awesome

Contemporary dance steals from, adapts and sometimes rejects other dance forms, especially classical ballet and modern dance.  It can also include pedestrian movements, African dance, tap and anything else the choreographer is inspired by.

It can tell a story (DV8’s exploration of misguided masculinity), and or just feel fantastic (Roser Lopez Espinosa’s wonderful and wild choreography).

What I love most about Contemporary Dance (and all dance in fact), is that it brings together focus and logic, with joyful creative abandon.  Also, flinging your body around in poetic ways really is the best fun ever.

Cassettes Contemporary

I like creating contemporary sequences that unleash tension in exciting ways; to express joy; to release pain; and to feel my spirit fly.  Dancing definitely helps me feel more comfortable with being human.

I love throwing my body through space.  And I love teaching and seeing my students smile, and fly.  I especially enjoy facilitating choreographic tasks for our students: they are so creative, talented, and bursting with stories and life.

Dance Archive!

We’ve danced to dozens of Contemporary Sequences over the years!  Here are a few:

Creative explosion with Feist

Silly with The Safety Dance

Frolicky with Fireflies

Bowie-ish with Golden Years

Lyrical with Frente

Sexy with Donna Summers (choreo by Kelly Dodd)

Sad and moody with Johnny Cash

Boppy and loving with Madonna’s Cherish

Expressive and juicy with Sweet Child of Mine

Come and dance!

Cassettes Contemporary Dance
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