How to be Fabulous


One (fabulous) Cassette dancer reveals all

Kat Mathieson has rocked both The Cassettes’ Flashmob Troupe and Mix Tape 80’s Dance Classes.  So far she’s danced Total Eclipse of the Heart, Shake Your Thang, Sweet Dreams, Flash and Danger Zone!  Kat is one of those people who are effortlessly and contagiously fabulous with a capital F for Freaking-cool.  She kindly obliged to share her top tips on being rad.

How did you personally become so fabulous?  Please, share your secrets.
Are you suggesting I’m fabulous?  Nawwww, that makes me feel like a winner and you know what all winners have in common? An acceptance speech. So, I’d like to thank my mum, my dad, my first dog Rupert, my last dog Benny, and my nanna who taught me that whenever a topic becomes a little uncomfortable “just change the subject, sweetie!!”.

How would you define “fabulous”?
I would usually use this word to describe a person or thing related to the arts.  Accomplished, creative, confident, colourful come to mind.

Who is a fabulous role-model for you?
My friend Mary.  She’s an amazing textile artist who’s worked in theatre, costuming and the visual arts in Canada, the US and Australia.  We were introduced by a mutual friend when Mary was looking for a photographer for her knitted tributes to Lou Reed, who happened to be the greatest love of her life.  When he died in 2013, Mary started knitting to cope with her grief, and 12 months later she had 50+ hand-loomed sweaters featuring images from his albums and songs which we photographed and exhibited in Lismore and Sydney.  Since then we’ve become firm friends and creative partners, and are in the midst of our third collaboration.
unnamed-2You’re going on an overseas holiday soon.  How glamorous!  What will you get up to?
I agree that OS holidays are VERY glamorous!  I’m flying to Istanbul first for a family wedding in Izmir, before flying to Barcelona.  I’ll be traipsing around trying to fit in as much food, people, architecture, local customs and art as humanly possible.  I’ve been to Barcelona once before, and its a truly beautiful, culturally-charged city.  I’m booked in for a street photography masterclass on the day I arrive so that is very exciting.

How did you discover The Cassettes’ 80’s Dance Classes?
I first saw The Cassettes perform at the Lismore Lantern Parade.  My hubby and I giggled from start to finish of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.  It was such a fun and engaging performance.  I then saw there was the chance to join The Cassettes dance classes.  I said “Where do I sign?”.  Dancing with The Cassettes has been the highlight of my week, every week.  And performing?  Well that is a joy beyond words.


How does dancing feed your fabulousness?
I love to dance. As a kid I was always dancing and all through my 20s and early 30s I would go out dancing.  My husband and I ran a rehearsal studio in Sydney so we were surrounded by dancers and actors and would often join in on classes.  Over the next decade though – thanks to a desk job and a more sedentary lifestyle – my muscles started to atrophy, so its a pleasure to get these limbs moving again.  I currently do yoga classes, and dance with the Mix Tapes in Byron.

Grit, perseverance, being organised, persistence and resilience all sound kinda boring, but seem to be common traits of Fabulous People.  Would you agree?
Some people succeed without really trying, but most don’t.  Most people work freaking hard to excel and these are the people I love the most.   Invariably there is much negative self-talk that needs to be ignored or re-scripted.  In the end you just gotta persevere and know that with hard work and dedication you’ll get there… eventually.  Is there anything more inspiring than seeing someone try, try, try and slowly, slowly, slowly succeed and shine?

Watch The Cassettes’ perform Guns n Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle: