It’s Raining Cassettes


In its passivity and resignation, cynicism is a hardening, a calcification of the soul.  Hope is a stretching of its ligaments, a limber reach for something greater. 
– Maria Popova

We make a literal “limber reach for something greater” in every single class at The Cassettes’ Mix Tapes.

When I deliberately pull my face and body into a cynical expression, it’s easy to see what a comically bad option that perspective is.  I love that dance lets us embody and experience hope, with our whole being.

Byron and Bangalow Footloose Show
T’was a great success bringing Byron and Bangalow Mix Tape Crews together for our shared performance night:

Watch the live Footloose video on our FB page: amazing!  My goodness what a high energy and effervescent piece.

Raising the roof with Footloose!  

I’m gonna go out and let myself get; absolutely soaking wet!
I heart The Weather Girls.

Also, how good was the Burleigh Priscilla Mix Tape show?  I take my hat, umbrella and trench-coat off to you all.

Watch the Burleigh Mix Tapes amazing Priscilla mash-up here.

Burleigh Mix Tapes in their epic flamboyant glory

I also had more than a little bit of fun in the Wind Beneath My Wings mini workshop.  The song is equal part humility, and back door bragging:
cracks me up whilst making me shed a tear.