Body rolls and brain waves


We know from personal experience that dancing is:

  • deeply fun
  • physically beneficial on a bunch of levels
  • socially fulfilling
  • and has a lovely habit of blowing away storm clouds that obscure our inner light.

Art also promotes neuroplasticity

As told in this delightful RN Big Ideas podcast, being creative increases our smarts and is proven to help prevent us from losing our mind: always handy!

One of the key points in the podcast is engagement.  Being actively involved in something creative has a more powerful effect in terms of brain plasticity, than just observing art.  Also, it’s a shitload more enjoyable!

Byron and Bangalow Mix Tapes with Teacher Marissa (the one doing the wrong arms : )

Get your dance on
Next term Burleigh crew are performing Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.  Byron and Bangalow dancers are rocking 80s power ballad, I Was Made for Loving You by KISS.

Show time
Each term in our Beginner to Intermediate Mix Tape 80s Dance Classes, we do fun creative activities, deepen our body awareness, get extremely physical and dancetastic with warm-ups and dynamic, leap-inducing corner work, laugh, AND also learn and perform a main dance piece for our friends and fam. 

The class is designed to be a low pressure, yet fulfilling pleasure in our dancer’s lives.  Here’s what we got up to performance wise, in Term 3:

Byron and Bangalow Mix Tapes with Marissa and Rohini, performing Footloose

The Cassettes’ beginner – intermediate group performing Priscilla Queen of the Desert megamix

Checklist to joining / keep dancing with Mix Tapes

  • Are you are a friendly and healthy human with a penchant for sequins and Brooke Shield’s eyebrows?  Sequins on eyebrows, even?
  • Do you love the idea of being deeply active in a creative, social and rather focused way, for an hour and 20 minutes a week, for 8 juicy weeks
  • Do you love learning, discovering, and being kind to yourself and others?
  • Are you willing to wear shoulder pads, if the performance piece calls for it?

If you ticked “hells yes!” to all of the above, It’s time to get your dance on at Mix Tapes

Dip your toe in and have a rad new experience for just one term;
immerse yourself in deep dance learning for a few years;
or come and go like a favourite aunty. 
We have dancers from all ages and stages in their life journey.  Your journey is unique, and valid.

Age wise, our Mix Tape Beginner – Intermediate 80s Dance Classes are currently aged 20 years – 55 years, and include mum and daughter teams, workmates, sisters, friends and many inspiring, groovy individuals.  We are united by 80s beats, heartbeats and all of the above.