What’s in a name?


When dreaming up The Cassettes, I wanted to find a symbol that represented:

  1. The flash of creativity that occurs when an exciting idea strikes, and 
  2. A rad flashmob dance group

The zig zag flash of a lightning bolt was a happy way to marry these two meanings into one recognisable shape.

Flashmob Dance Company name

The name of The Cassettes’ performance group, the Flashmob Dance Company also reflects a double meaning.  The word “flash” is within Flashmob, so it conjures both a surprise dance-theatre performance, and a lightning bolt.  How neat is that?

So whilst a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company is called that, for proper meaningful reasons.

Briony Dalton rockin’ the bolt with The Cassettes Flashmob Dance Co at Falls Festival

Our name helps hold our identity

It takes time, imagination, trial and error, before finding a good name.  The essential two criteria:

  1. Be unique, and
  2. Communicate what you are about.

Let’s not forget The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Co were briefly called Melted Cheese.  This was just wrong, rather than unique.  Plus we’re too creative and ballsy to be truly cheesy.  The Cheese Balls?  Forever grateful to Glenn at Mullum Music Fest for saying back in 2013, “The act sounds good.  Change the name”.

Juz Grantham, Vicki Lawrence & Georgi Brooke at Lismore Gallery’s Playground Festival

80s music legends, funky geometric patterns and power rock vibes

Our bolt symbolises the irrepressible flash of a new idea, the illuminating buzz from above, and the art of flashmobbing.
It also gives an enthusiastic nod to 80s music legends, funky geometric patterns, and power rock vibes:



Flashmob and Workshop Alert

It’s been six years since that cheesy chat with Glenn, one that was ultimately super helpful: We’ve performed at every Mullum Music Festival since then, and developed a very recognisable dance-theatre style.  Watch samples of past antics on our Mullum Fest YouTube playlist.

This Saturday and Sunday, keep your eyes out for a flash of floral bathrobes and sleek sliver blinged-up catsuits:

  • 5pm outside Civic Hall, 5.30pm at Mullum High School
  • Cassettes Dance Workshop 11.30am Sat
  • The beautiful Street Parade

I hope we add surprise, hope, human warmth, fun and epic goofy glamour to your festival.

The Cassettes’ Flashmob dance Co storming Splendour in the Grass