What does a giant gold clitoris and Led Zeppelin have in common?


I’m so glad you asked.


That’s one of the great things about music.
You can sing a song to 85,000 people,
and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.

– Dave Grohl


Dance at The Cassettes in 2020:

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Prayers and Practicalities

Mullum Music Festival 2019 donated to BlazeAid and Mullum Neighbourhood Centre, helping to feed and shelter those displaced by fires in the Rainbow Region. 

At the same time, MMF provided a place of heartswelling togetherness for performers and audience alike.

Lady power satisfaction

There was the immense joy, connection and creativity of flashmobbing with The Cassettes at Mullum Music Fest, but there was also this:

Allow me to explain…

I was part of a standing ovation for Claire Anne Taylor and Georgie Chorley as they sang in satisfying guttural and beautiful tones, Led Zeppelin’s epic collection, including “Whole Lotta Love”.

All four inches

I so enjoyed hearing female vocalists embracing, “I’m gonna give ya every inch of my love”.  To grasp the significance of this polyrical moment (politics and lyrics, oh yeah!), check out the glorious 1:100 scale model of a clitoris above, made by Sydney artist Alli Sebastian Wolf.  Yep, it’s that long, and that forked.  If it is that gold, best see your doctor.

Let us all give everyone the many, long inches of our love, metaphorically speaking.  And of course, with vocal consent.

With shared focus, imagination and a dream team, visions do come true.

Watch Xanadu Flashmob dance video!

Dance vids taken by Bangalow Mix Tape dancer, Kirsten Butler.  Super proud of the bold, bright and abounding FDC dancers: thank you.

Fabulous Xanadu choreography by Leisel Fitzgerald, for Flashmob Dance Co.

Watch Car Wash Flashmob dance video!

Super-fun Car Wash choreography and impeccable leadership by Danielle Linegar.

Have an insatiable hunger for dynamic choreographed dance? 

Check out the Flashmob Dance Company class, Monday nights in Byron Bay.

Vicki Lawrence, leading Byron and Bangalow Mix Tape dance classes. The Mix Tape Dance Crew in Byron, Bangalow and Burleigh are currently exploring an entirely different, wondrous world of Dirty Dancing.

Dance and music exploration 

I’m sharing a new contemporary dance piece at tonight’s Cassette class in Byron: Stairway To Heaven, by a certain English hard rock band.  It’s the biggest-selling single piece of sheet music in rock history, and yet I’ve never danced to it.

For me, that is the coolest thing about having a mind-body-spirit come together with this amazing dance school called The Cassettes: After seven years, there is still so much more to discover, unpack and embody.

The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Co @ Mullum Music Fest.

85,000 reasons

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one completely pumped by hearing women cover the heel-thumping goodness of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant so very successfully.  Though perhaps I was the only one visualising a double-giant pronged gold clitoris, whilst crying happy lady-power-rock-n-roll tears.

I wondered how and if The Cassettes may have touched different audience member’s hearts over the weekend.

One woman approached me and said, “My sister has cancer.  We took her to Mullum Music Fest’s opening night and The Cassettes show really spoke to her.  It was definitely the highlight of her evening.”

That’s more than enough for me.

In many inches of love and lightning bolts,