The benefits of dance

Dance kicks butt over every other form of exercise.  It’s an art form…and a form of exercise…and for some a spiritual practice.  Dancing to Total Eclipse of the Heart can be quite cathartic, let me tell you.

Wholly mother of 80’s music, what a fantastic, impossible combo!  Movement and music combine to make us feel amazing, while stirring our creative spirits.  In any one of The Cassettes 80s dance classes, in Byron Bay and Bangalow and Ocean Shores, you receive all of these health benefits:

  • it is the most fun, hands down!
  • dementia
  • state of flow
  • develop muscle tone, cardio, flexibility, coordination, pelvic floor strength
  • chance to wear awesome outfits
  • grow some nice guns (the only kind of gun anyone should own, are the sexy ones attached to your bones.  I’m talking biceps)
  • endorphins
  • natural highs
  • social.  Not all dance classes are social, but The Cassettes dance classes are.  We love to create a space where dancers can connect and feel supported, experience being with humans in a fun new way.
  • spirit shines.  We love a good metaphor at the cassettes dance classes.  Hot Stuff you’ll hear Vivi the Swiss talk about opening your sternum like a great beam of sunlight is shining out.

The best thing about these benefits we receive when we dance, is that they all occur within you.  The dance class triggers and stimulates qualities you already have inside yourself.  I really like that!  Its nothing laid on top.  Dance creates space for joy, health, aliveness and socialising….things that you naturally enjoy having and being and doing.  There’s a congruency. A happy marriage between something in the world, and something in you.

I danced throughout my life, and squirrelled away the best experiences I had in those years of classes, unconsciously saving them for when I started my own dance school.  I made mental notes with a yellow highlighter about what not to do, what doesn’t feel good as a student.  The Cassettes dance teachers love learning, and are super receptive to feedback you have.  Lay it on us baby, we are here for you dear dancers.