Dance Classes in Byron Bay


Yesterday the Byron Mix Tape Crew performed Salt n Pepa’s 1988 Shake Your Thang.  This may sound a LITTLE over the top, but it was like giving birth.  And we all want our births to take place to an 80’s soundtrack, right?

I remember thinking in the prelude to my daughter Pearl’s birth, “If this goes well, I will have greater faith in the universe.  Because I feel like it will go well; and I’d like to know if I’m deluding myself, or am on the right track.”  Birth went well ( Pearl is a magnanimous 9.5 year old), and you know what?  The Byron Mix Tapes rocked!  I had a feeling it would, but it is a wonderful feeling to have a vision come to life, FOR REAL.

Oh the wonder of people getting together and doing crazy fun stuff.  Because they can.  I think humans were meant to dance, hear music, see colour, and make merry.



The dancers went off, Diana Ah Naid 1997 style…but to 80’s hip hop.  The performance was fun, entertaining, convincing, sparkly, unapologetic and risky.  Friends and family were there to support, and judging from their love filled faces and toe tapping, they had an awesome time.


I really enjoyed myself too, which is always a pleasant sensation.  Then I got to dance with a baby.  It all makes sense!


So…turns out I can trust in the universe.

Releasing the grip, handing over the reigns to the Great Creator of Kooky Fun, is a gradual process.  Strand by strand, I am letting go of the silver threads.  I’m hanging onto a handful at least the size of a clip-on hair-piece though.  Maybe the GCKF will be interested in a collaboration?

I have to admit, it’s not so hard trusting in the universe when surrounded by amazing and supportive dancers, and stellar teachers, in beautiful Byron Shire and Burleigh Heads.  Thank you.

New and returning Byron dancers can book in now to secure their place in the Mix Tape Crew for next term.  Word on the street is, some Jazz Dance to a memorable emotive song is coming your way.  Creative minds are a joy to behold!


I can’t wait to see Burleigh Heads Mix Tape Dancers perform their in-house show next week, and then the Flashmob Troupe perform at Bello Winter Music Fest.  Dancers, dancers everywhere!