Glittery Unicorns


I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to convince my family-of-origin, aka mum, dad, sister Pia and brother Dan, that I am NOT A HIPPY. And this is true.

I like strong coffee, not herbal tea. I like wine, not kombucha. Monogamy, I’m all over it.

But glittery unicorns. Are they hippy?

Because I am realising, more and more, that I am, maybe, really into glitter. And unicorns.

I kind of want to, BECOME one. And even more wonderfully, to witness other glittery unicorns unfolding their magnificent rainbow wings of light. If this “create your own reality”, “be the change you want to see” business is for real, then hooves down, that is the change I am going for. Neiiiggghhhh!


I recently did a lovely “Nurturing Your Creativity” workshop with this wonderful woman. During the workshop, Aesha led a visualisation in which our creativity ran riot, gently exploding in colours, sounds and feelings within our imagination, as we lazed in a very yin manner on piles of pillows and yoga mats (note: still NOT A HIPPY). I jotted down what I recalled:

squiggles and giggles
wiggly lines
stars and moon
sweetness and softness
arcs and arches
polka dots
Natural power
Grit and stability
kind, fuzzy play
inner smiles
effortless radiance
sweeping up and over
laughter and light

For me, being a glittery unicorn is about being deeply interested in life. Paying attention and committing to the things that make my heart gallop in a non life-threatening way. Wiggly lines…inner smiles…grit and stability…the colour yellow. All while wearing ironic Australia Day-is-the-most-embarrassing-day-of-the-year boxing gloves.


Running The Cassettes must be like shepherding unicorns – dear friend Sam Leader.

Guilty as charged.

Are you a glittery unicorn? In what ways do you love to spread your shimmering rainbow wings and cast off responsibilities for a while? May you fly from the heart, with your mind stimulated and intact, spirit and body embraced, your whole self smiling into flow, a state of eudaimonia, as often as possible. Perhaps your responsibilities are the very place that allow you to forget yourself. Hmm, sounds a bit hippy.

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  1. Yep ! Glitter makes me truly happy ..
    Unicorns are grand too

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