Flashmob Students

  • Damara Ryder – Flashmob Dancer, mediator and mum

    Thank you!!!  I had the best fun ever and floated all the way home.  It’s been over a decade since I’ve done a proper dance class like that…. You are all so amazing & the class was magical.  Thank you for re-igniting my flame.

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  • Cassette Dancer, Jemima

    When Marissa teaches, she has an amazing technique: her students can really feel her creativity coming through.  Riss has a gift for describing dance moves that make them easy for anyone to learn.  She provides a beautiful and safe space for people to not only get fit, learn dance, but also to express themselves and…

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  • Chelsea Corlett

    Dancing at The Cassettes for two years was one of the best experiences of my life.

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  • Ruth Dando – Cassette dancer, writer and mother of two

    Dancing with The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company been really transformative.  It’s been amazing to be with such a wonderful group of women who have been so welcoming, and working towards something great together.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and it’s awoken a huge part of me that I really wasn’t sure existed anymore.  I’m so excited…

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  • Kat Matheison – Flashmob Dance Company dancer and Photographer

    Being a part of The Cassettes has been one of the most joyful experiences of my adult life.  Thank you for everything.

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  • Alison Bird – Cassette dancer

    My week is now complete: and it’s only Monday.

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  • Georgie Greenaway – Flashmob Dance Company dancer, founder of Mindful Foods

    I’m reeaallllly enjoying dance classes at The Cassettes.  The girls are great, you have a happy persona and teaching style, and overall it’s just such great fun!

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  • Lyanne, dancer

    I love being part of The Cassettes.  Marissa your creative brilliance in birthing the Flashmob Troupe and Mix Tapes is outstanding.  You lead us with hilarity and wonderful choreography.  I love your authenticity Marissa, you stay true to your originality and I so appreciate that: thereby giving others permission to do the same.  Shine on, thank…

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  • Cass, dancer

    I love watching and being part of your amazing creative process.  I am always in awe and wonder as I watch it unfold, and as it spurs my own creativity.  Your vision in creating the kooky project of The Cassettes was spot on, everyone should experience as much fun as we collectively create!  I love…

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  • Thank you all so so much for an incredible show last night – everyone was absolutely blown away! You really know how to get the party started.  HUGE thanks!

  • Joining The Cassettes has brought me so much joy, opened me up to a new social circle and given me a real freedom and diversity from my aerial choreography work.
  • The best thing I did this year.
    Thank you for making dreams come true.
    Dancing alongside such delightful, positive women, full of encouragement.
    You all made me feel that I could do it.
    Such a wonderful experience.

  • Thanks for all the joy you bring to the world….Dancing in lines with amazing ladies: I forgot how fun it is.
  • I really love the vibe of positivity and community you’ve created at The Cassettes.  I love coming every week and even if I haven’t had the best day, by the time I get to class I feel so much better, and then after class, on top of the world!  It’s an awesome sweaty workout too, but the best part for me is the people, the music and the funky, entertaining dance moves!  Such a fun way to have some ‘me time’ and get some exercise!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I feel so blessed to be able to do a dance class with you and all the gorgeous women there.  Thanks Marissa, for the great dance class and your beautiful encouraging words.

  • I’m having a blast.

  • The classes are awesome.  The dance routines are so much fun.  Thank you for everything.

  • I just love The Cassettes dance classes.  They are part self-help; part dance; part entertainment.  A complete mind, body and soul experience that has me laughing the whole way through!